Descubre una cocina distintiva

A gastronomic experience rooted in Cantabrian cuisine, with seasonal dishes and stunning plating techniques.

El chef José Antonio Llorente ofrece gastronomía cántabra de sello propio, recuperando una cocina tradicional cosmopolita, con ingredientes frescos y de mercado, en un ambiente noble y acogedor en nuestro restaurante Trastámara con personalidad distinta en el día y en la noche.


Chef José Antonio Llorente offers our guests a truly unique experience that marries tradition and cosmopolitan cuisine, resulting in a variety of delicious dishes with a distinctive touch. Savour our menu, fully made of fresh ingredients, in an environment that blends elegance and intimacy.


The palace’s own wine, characteristic for its intensity and aromatic richness, together with our gourmet products sourced from different regions in Spain, matches Trastámara’s unique dining experience.