The Helguera Experience

Be part of a one-of-a-kind experience in a hotel where endless possibilities await. Slow down to explore the hotel’s antiques and unique items; if something calls to you, feel free to ask our staff. Everything that you see is available for sale. You can also book the entire hotel to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family.

Dive into an indoor-outdoor pool designed for all seasons, relax in a wooden decked jacuzzi with a panoramic view or plan a fitness morning at the gym, while entirely surrounded by nature. Book a private appointment in our sauna and revitalise your body in the steam room. Enjoy the best of Cantabria’s cuisine in our exclusive Trastámara restaurant, with a signature brand as unique as the Palace.

An antique shop full of life

Buy unique items

Interior designer Malales Martínez Canut has created a selection of antique pieces for our guests, from traditional furniture to unique items, collected throughout her travels to the most emblematic antique dealers. 

Discover a timeless collection that is always being reinvented



Switch off and relax

Our wellness facilities are open all year round and have been designed for relaxation and intimacy. Take a refreshing dip in summer or spend a winter evening at our spa, housed in a glass-walled and stone cottage. The indoor pool has a jacuzzi and a fireplace from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley. 

Recharge your batteries at the gym or book a private appointment at the sauna or the steam room. Pamper your body with our special treatments using organic products.


Discover a distinctive cuisine

A gastronomic experience rooted in Cantabrian cuisine, with seasonal dishes and stunning plating techniques. Our Chef offers our guests a truly unique experience that marries tradition and cosmopolitan cuisine. Enjoy our menu, fully made of fresh ingredients, in an environment that blends elegance and intimacy. 


The palace’s own wine, characteristic for its intensity and aromatic richness, together with our gourmet products sourced from different regions in Spain, matches Trastámara’s unique dining experience. For those on a culinary journey, we highly recommend trying our tasting menu, which has been carefully selected to allow guests to savour Trastámara’s signature dishes.

Become the owner of the Helguera Experience


Experience a unique landscape

Marvel at the contrast between the palace gardens and the vast valley that surrounds the hotel. Wander along secret paths tucked in the wilderness, corridors of hydrangeas, azaleas, rhododendrons and jasmines, selected pieces of landscaping and more than 14 acres of land for our guests to explore.

Savour your breakfast, lunch or dinner while surrounded by nature; explore trails and woods where you can spot roe deer and other wild animals; discover the stream that flows next to the palace and find the perfect place to rest.

Get lost in a timeless landscape and discover the Pasiego Valleys, a region known for its broad geographical diversity, with dozens of beaches, historical landmarks and cave paintings waiting at your doorstep.

If you like hiking in the rain and the scent of damp grass, request our kit—wellies and umbrella—to enjoy a long country walk. You won’t regret it.